15 Apr 2019

Louder Than War reviews Teeth of the Sea live in Manchester

They say:

Teeth of the Sea utilise harsh electronics and brass melodies to bring a sci-fi western landscape to a cold Manchester basement. Rhys Delany was there...

Earlier this year Teeth of the Sea released their fifth LP, Wraith. Much like the title suggests, the album carries with it an ethereal essence, one of transcendence. Teeth of the Sea manage to create vast soundscapes, which is why they have recently announced a collaboration with Appolo’s Moon Shot, where they will be performing a live score of completely new music.

As the band take to stage, there is an ominous presence, as to what will happen next. They open with the soft synth lines of Our Love Can Destroy This Whole Fucking World, with this song, Teeth of the Sea, have set up an atmosphere that is both quaint and soft, with a willingness to do whatever they want.

In quite the contrast the trio later opts for the more danceable, and techno inspired tracks, such as Gladiator’s Ready. An excellent showcase of the power of the synth set up that sits centre stage. Mike Bourne stays focussed as he manipulates the sounds that echo around the crowd...

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