24 Apr 2019

El Coyote review Centrum - För Meditation

El Coyote review Centrum - För Meditation

They say (translated):

From the city of Gothenburg (in Sweden) we get 'För Meditation', the debut album (and that premieres, say) of the Scandinavian duo Centrum. Recently released in a vinyl edition (ultra-limited to the press of only 500 copies) by the record company Rocket Recordings / Svensk Psych Aften and inspired by a fruitful passage through India, this soul duet canonized by a meditative, lenitive Drone and devotional, a folk of ritualistic and summer ambiance, and a messianic psychadelism of oriental fragrance, has the rare ability to relax, sedate and dilute in the depths of the inner Cosmos. Packed in an enveloping hypnosis knitted by an edenic mysticism and an enigmatic ethnicity, we are massaged, drunk and converted by an intense liturgy that promptly caresses our bodies and senses. 

His spiritual sound - easily recognized in contemporary references such as Hills, The Myrrors and Lamp of the Universe, and in classic bands like Gila, Popol Vuh, Agitation Free and Träd, Gras och Stenar - holds a religious trance that unties us we of consciential gravity and set free in a powerful transcendental meditation. With a terrified soul, blindfolded gaze, immortalised smile, head fully engaged in a pendular movement from shoulder to shoulder and nostrils dilated to absorb all this musical incense, we are led and haunted by a tribal drummer, a pulsating and magnetizing reverb bass, a flute serpentine, an alien language synthesizer, a wandering guitar, and a prophetic voice that leads this whole deified procession through the endless plains of the mind.

'För Meditation' is a truly shamanic album that purifies us with its mantra tapestria. Let yourself be wrecked freely by the tantric universe of Centrum, and feel yourself fading in a perfect Zen state that will condition you from the first to the last minute. Return of this therapeutic eucharist of soul completely washed and relieved. One of the most shocking surprises of the year is here, in the enteogénico ritual superiorly prayed by these two Nordic priests of wielded instruments and prophecy offered.

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