14 Apr 2019

Soundblab reviews Centrum

They say:

This one is obvious.

It’s slow-burn psych that drones with mantra breath.

It’s from Sweden and features members of Hills.

There are three long tracks (and one other just under six minutes).

And the title is För Meditation.

I can hear the Red Seas parting. But for those of us who dig this stuff, there is only one question: Is it great Swedish slow-burn psych that drones with mantra breath?

I mean, just because a band follows the template of a certain genre doesn’t guarantee greatness. Jazz Guy (aka Mr. Radue) says there is such a thing as bad free jazz. And one time, while in some London pub, I watched as The Bonzos’ Neil Innes played a catchy country rock tune with perfect 4/4 precision, which after ten minutes or so of the very same perfect Take It Easy 4/4 precision, became an obvious parody that even the most ardent Eagles’ fan could understand and, possibly (at least for that moment) have a deep desire to get the hell out of Hotel California.   

But Swedish psych fans need not worry about this album. To quote Oliver Twist, let’s just say, “Please, sir, I want some more.”

Yes, indeed, this is the real deal. Now, it’s a slow-burn psych that drones with mantra breath real deal, but that’s all right for those of us who love the ritualistic sonic retreat of the “true happiness” that “lies within.” (Thank you, David Lynch!)

The record begins with the sound of motor traffic rumble. (And yes, also thank you, Ray Davies!) The music then pulses down into the veins of tranquility...

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