3 Apr 2019

Counteract reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live in Birmingham

They say:

Tickets for tonight’s show sold out way back in October, so it’s no surprise to see the main room of the Hare & Hounds packed out by 7:30 tonight. The stage is set for Cattle, with two drum kits face to face, centre stage. The Capsule team seem to have a penchant for this setup, having recently had Nottingham drum duo Rattle play at their International Women’s Day celebration at Centrala.

It’s standing room only once Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs (also known as Pigs x7, presumably for ease) take the stage, singer Matt Baty pouring bottled water over his head in the already warm room. When they begin their set, a wall of stomach turning bass hits the crowd square in the chest, peppered with wah’d out solos from guitarist Adam Ian Sykes. Baty indulges in a series of sweaty “rock god” poses, getting increasingly tangled up in his mic lead.

Two songs in, the Pigs pause to request some gaffer tape from the sound tech; the sub bass is causing Baty’s synth to shake so much that the DI box resting on top keeps falling off.

“It keeps creating impromptu synth solos,” laughs Baty. “Maybe we should leave it, it’s kind of exciting…it’s like a Yes gig or something.”

Baty is a captivating frontman, and clearly revels in the attention. When he’s not screaming into the faces of the crowd, perspiration making his starry print blouse and football shorts cling to his skin, he’s flinging pitta breads out from the stage. At one point, he manages to fit the full head of the mic he is using to his mouth – you can only hope he brought his own....

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