30 Apr 2019

Rocket Probes – April 2019 Playlist

Weary Nous – Horse Face
(Before there was Centrum there was Weary Nous)
Weary Nous
Weary Nous 2

Colomach - O Bernadetta
(Afro psych)

Craig Leon - Standing crosswise in the square
(Great new Craig Leon track)
Craig Leon

Juju - I'm In Trance (feat Goatman)
(Ex Lay Llama returns with great new track from new Fuzz Club album, features contribution from Goatman)

WORLDZERO – All Rivers Flow to Zero
(Immersive, beat driven ambience from Seer/UKAEA/ImpaTV collaboration!)

Futurat – Reality Emulation
(They have a fuzz peddle and they know how to use it!)

Bernhard Günter – Then, Silence
(A minimalist journey)
Bernhard Günter

Kooba Tercu - Maestur
(Love this Gnod'esque noise groove...Tony would approve)
Kooba Tercu

Beak> – Life goes on
(New single)

Dead Sea Apes – Diaspora
(Stunning fuzzwah droning repetitions on Cardinal Fuzz)
Dead Sea Apes

Charles Ditto - Bush
(Tribal repetitions from '87)
Charles Ditto

Deferment – Rbelollic
(Acid repetitions)

Sosena Gebre Eyesus - Sosena Gebre Eyesus
(Another great Adam Reid recommendation)
Sosena Gebre Eyesus

MIRNA RAY – Danse Macabre
(Heather from Black Impulse turned our ears onto this great slice of flute driven tribal psych

Stavroz - Zorrow
(Slow jam for the very early hours)

LA Jungle – The Boring Age
(Fuzzed synths, tribal drums, postpunk chants, 60's psych guitar and a punk chug)
LA Jungle

SunnO))) – Life Metal

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