18 Apr 2019

The Fragmented Flâneur review DJINN album

The Fragmented Flâneur review DJINN album

They say:

This release, along with the recent Paisiel album, sees Rocket Recordings arguably move into more jazz-oriented territory. What may be surprising to some is that the musicians here are members of Rocket stalwarts Goat and Hills. This is another in a series of albums that I’ve recently covered featuring members of these bands (see also Centrum and Laughing Eye), which really does underline the excellent musicianship located within this collective.

Of course, as you would expect, this is not just a jazz album, with many tones and shades taking is on exactly the sort of journey that I envisaged when I was thinking about how I wanted this website to develop. This is an album that, for me, is very much about the journey. This is an album that is very much in the image of its name ‘DJINN’, which mysterious spiritual beings found in pre-Islamic Arabic culture, neither angel nor demon; yet exhibiting qualities of both.

This suggests to me a balance… a path through the known and unknown which DJINN takes with this album. This for me is evidenced through the music which is sometimes dissonant, sometimes harmonious… frequently both. So while, at one level, this seems like a free jazz album… it is really much more than that. It is a really intense and powerful journey… through your own imagination if you let it. Above all though it is an amazing listen from musicians who you would think have been playing this way their whole lives.

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