1 Sept 2009

Rocket Probes August 2009 Playlist

Gnod/White Hills - Drop Out (track title only)
(Unreleased track omitted from the CDR of the same name - plumming driving kraut jaunt, soon to be released on Rocket)

Gnod - The Somnambulist's Tale
(50min hypnotic percussive groove)

FI– Paradise Out Here
(Some really good wigged out Heads/Hawkwind’esque tracks on here, especially Om21, 20 mins of heavy fuzz repetitive bliss)

Chris Zebby – My Ancestors
(Amazing fuzz induced primitive Afro punk)

Lard Free – I’m Around about Midnight
(Really good Kraut/Heldon sounding psych rock)

Warhammer 48K – An Ethereal Oracle
(Took a few listens to appreciate how good this is, repetitive psych meets doom and 80’s US hardcore from members/friends of Cave)

Coil – Black Antlers
(Head spinning psychedelic electronica)

Moon Duo – Love on the Sea
(More great Velvet Underground repetitive psych from these Shjips)

Indian Jewelry - Invasive Exotics
(Fractured electronica, krautrock repetition, Butthole Surfers unruly psych-punk workouts)

Warm Digits - Myspace tracks
(They say:
like Can wrestling Zombie Nation in a lift with the Chemical Brothers 'Setting Sun' necking pills in the background and Lightning Bolt refereeing the melee - make your own mind up)

Fela Kuti - Expensive Shit / He Miss Road
(Tony Allen!!!)