16 Sep 2009

Teeth of the Sea - OFFSET Festival live Reviews

Photos are courtesy of Tom Medwell


Enjoying the last of the afternoon sun, we head to the ECC Stage to catch the excellently-named Teeth Of The Sea. All melodic-but-very-loud instrumentals, TOTS propel their eardrum-shaving noise with a hypnotic floor tom, entrancing the whole tent with tunes from their debut record Orphaned by The Ocean. (Musoguide)
Saturday, and Teeth of the Sea kick things off with size 14's. Volatile guitars and trumpets conjure murky ambience which circles and stalks until striking - all rabid eyes, stabbing drums; the elegance of Mogwai infuriated by BNP-strength amphetamines. We watch entranced, fretting for the guitarist's diet. (Spoonfed)
Shifting over a stage, Teeth Of The Sea celebrate finishing a recent mini-tour of the UK with Oneida by delivering a face-melting set of deep psych. Gut-rumbling bass, dual-drumming, mariachi trumpets, moustache wax and a guitarist who looks like he's been beamed in from an Iron Maiden fan convention (MOJO later spots him sporting a pair of Maiden branded trainers) - if you like a bit of third eye action with your early evening falafel you could do a lot worse. (MOJO)