28 Sept 2009

Rocket Probes September 2009 Playlist

White HillsDead
(Great to hear new material, their first for our friends at Thrill Jockey, includes great remix of Oceans of Sound)

Expo 70 – White Ohms
(Really nice spacey drone)

Eternal Tapestry – The Invisible Landscapes
(New album, this time on fave label Not Not Fun. Another great slice of jammed out psych, first track especially has some amazing fuzz wah over kraut’ish rhythms)

Oneida – Live at the Croft 19.08.09
(Our friend Gaz recorded the show for us, sounds great, by all accounts their best show of the UK tour)

Loop – World in your Eyes /Gilded Eternity
(Even though Loop have never really left the Rocket record player, it’s nice to hear all these tracks and new versions together, especially the 3 discs of WIYE, which includes their fantastic cover of Cinnamon Girl)

AR and Machines – Echo
(Finally managed to track this album from 1972 down, we love their first album, but this follow up is even better, a spectacular mix of spaced out kraut rock)

Pink Fairies – Finland Freakout
(Awesome live recording of the Fairies as a power trio in ‘71)

K4 Bremen Radio 1971
(The briefly active NEU!/Kraftwerk hybrid jamming out some Kraut improvisations. Occasional flourishes of flute and electronics are scattered amidst five long chunks of Kosmiche rock)

Dark Yoga
Breath of Life
(Sunburned Hand of the Man inspired sprawling psychedelic krautrock, free fuzz jams)

Brain Eno
Here Come the Warm Jets
(Members of Roxy Music, King Crimson, Hawkwind, Matching Mole, and The Pink Fairies entering a journey through the edges of pop and rock)

Sunburned Hand of the Man Fire Escape
(Mechanical rhythms darting over and under washes of feedback and distortion)