28 Mar 2019

Rimas Ebatidas interviews Paisiel's João Pais Filipe

It reads:

"You hear everything at the same time, but to me they are clearly distinct sections." This is how João Pais Filipe , an Oporto gem, a multi-faceted percussionist and craftsman, looks at what he does. And it is not easy to frame his expression, which fundamentally problematizes the role to which percussion is so often reduced in contemporary music. What Pais Filipe does is much more than a few beats, it is concrete music and it comes close to territories that have nothing in common with that which sounds beyond an aura, an idea, or a sonic plasticity.

The percussionist is not new at these stops but it was in 2018 that its emitters went into force on all the radars of the alternative and experimental circuit of Portugal and Europe - to the point of putting it on a collision course with Burnt Friedman , experimental and electronic music of the last 30 years. The meeting was held in Porto during the month of February, in what was a session of recordings between the two musicians, with the endorsement of the Germanic arriving in parcas, but felt words: "I have been preparing for 40 years for this. You've been there for 15 years. " In fact, there are things that can not be explained, but this can be heard very soon.

In his curriculum, João Pais Filipe has countless collaborations and projects in which he has been the centerpiece, since his most recent solo attempts, to collaborate with Valentina Magaletti in the CZN (name that fetches the metal alloy that the craftsman uses to make their gongs and cymbals : "copper-zinc-nickel"), the duo with the explosive saxophonist Julius Gabriel epitetada Paisiel , a contraction of both nicknames, to the black hole voodoo HHY & the Macumbas...

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(Photo by: Pedro Mkk)