6 Mar 2019

Echoes and Dust reviews Gum Takes Tooth's 'Arrow'

They say:

Echoes and Dust found the best writer possible to review this but, they’re busy, so instead, you get me. I fucking love Gum Takes Tooth. No other band can offer such spectacularly narcotic dinge. The first time I saw them I was hungover to fuck at ArcTanGent (I think it was 2015?), then I recall watching them whilst trashed at the last ever Bad Guys show and then surprisingly watched them sober for one of my first shifts at The Lexington as part of The Quietus’ run of 10th anniversary shows.

However, my favourite Gum Takes Tooth set has to be their performance at Rocket 20, which is easily the best festival I’ve ever been to. I’m fairly certain it was the night where I was getting gnarly after some mysterious powder and earlier in the night Jussi had kept me afloat with a beer after seeing me melting on my own at the main stage (I think my co-pilots, Jake and Dan had drifted off to the other stage for whatever was on there, I dunno) but, in any case they were wisely chosen to play after Goat’s headline set to make sure everyone was at their maximum level of intoxication. And from those great highs, our chosen delegates were plunged into the depths...   

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