26 Mar 2019

Wise Sound reviews Gum Takes Tooth live at Badaboum, Paris

They say:

I only know recently, a few weeks to tell the truth , and yet this duo from Bristol, composed of Jussi Brightmore with electro sounds and vocals, and Tom Fug on drums (acoustic and electronic pads) have been active since 2009, apparently there. It is to present us their 3rd album Arrow that they made the way so far, said album having returned to me the auditory canals, where my presence to know more.

The scenography is quite minimalist with an acoustic drum equipped with one or two trigger pads on my right, and a big big control panel consisting of Behringer controllers (4 BCR I feel) commanding a setup Ableton Live on computer undoubtedly and an effects rack, to my left so. No more geek break.

The duo starts with a quiet, rocking mouthing, Cold Chrome Hearts gently lifts us from the ground to take us into their world made of electronic hacks, sometimes caressing, sometimes rough, where the rhythm often tribal has a clear predominance.

We also discover this ethereal voice, tampered with, a little glitchy, which at my first listening made me think of that of PVT. I find a strong parentage between these two groups, for the voice, but also the taste of sound exploration, electroacoustics...

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