1 Mar 2019

Amnplify reviews WRAITH by Teeth of the Sea

They say:

I have this habit over the years of pigeonholing bands into specific genres. This is pure selfishness on my behalf and a compulsive behaviour that is nigh on impossible to change. When I first heard the new Teeth Of  The Sea track Hiraeth a few weeks ago it felt like the walls were closing in around me, as my brain desperately searched for some kind of rational classification.  The London based outfit have successfully leapfrogged over genre barriers for 13 years now and their new album Wraith is no exception. Their experimental tendencies have seen them traverse psychedelic & prog rock soundscapes with ease whilst utilising guitar distortion and analogue synthesizers to great effect.  With the departure of drummer John Hirst, Teeth Of The Sea are now a three piece with Jimmy Martin on guitar, Mike Bourne on bass & synthesizers & Sam Barton on trumpet.

The album opener (and new single) I’d Rather, Jack was produced by the deft hand of Erol Alkan and his minimalist approach gives ample breathing space for Martin’s jagged guitar work.  The slow burning pace builds up into a rhythmic swirling crescendo of synths & trumpet before dissipating into the ether. Both Hiraeth and Burn Of The Sheiling possess a vivid, cinematic quality reminiscent of Ry Cooder‘s Paris, Texas with Barton‘s trumpet breathing a shimmering twilight world into life. Haunting definitely seems like a theme throughout the album and even the band admitted just as much when they first started recording Wraith...

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