11 Mar 2019

Read a rare interview with GOAT by Australian site Life Without Andy

They say:

We got what we could out of the ever-elusive Goat.
The way I see it, there are three categories of people in this world; those who love Goat, those who hate Goat, and those who haven’t heard Goat. If you fall into any category other than the first, you are probably not going to think much of the answers provided in the interview below with the Goat member who called themselves Gävlebocken.

For us “first category” people who are mesmerised by Goat’s riffery, hypnotised by their percussion-heavy rhythms, and electrified by their wailing vocals, just knowing that some part of of the enigmatic group is still alive and kicking will satisfy us. Probably in more ways than some overly intellectualised responses to a few surface-level emailed questions ever could.

The last sign of life from the masked minstrels was their standalone singles ‘Friday, Pt. 1’ and ‘Let It Burn’, the latter of which was used in Killing Gävle – a documentary about a straw goat that is constructed annually in a small Swedish town and set on fire or destroyed by mischievous pagans. Much to the delight of fans, ‘Let It Burn’ also marked Goat’s return to fuzzy rock, after their 2016 “folk record” Requiem.

Since then it has been quiet on the Goat front, which may be due to their guitarist “Goatman” releasing a record of his own, or perhaps his record (titled Rhythms) was reactionary to the unavailability of the rest of the group. Either way, a live record and a couple of singles, despite their brilliance, isn’t enough to keep us diehards going. We tracked down the band to try and find out when we’ll be hearing some new music, what they’ve been up to, and when they’ll be back to Australia. Here’s what Gävlebocken had to say...

See the full piece here: Life Without Andy