29 Mar 2019

Lung Magazine puts Rocket in their 'Fave labels' list on the site MIC

They say (loosely translated):

Dumbling every day in a multitude of sounds, we find the perseverance of some people and companies that "run" out of sizeable groups, to support creators whose vision is embraced, housed and spread. The seven-member core and part of the Lung magazine editorial team chose a dozen such independent record labels that play a key role in modern music. Of course, labels, which, at a time when the music industry in the world is far from prosperous, publish and defend sound works based on not just a single style line but an umbrella of distinctiveness in relation to the aesthetics and the general artistic level of of these matters:

Rocket Recordings ( England , from the 1998)
Without ever deductible through remarkable activity has "write" is already two decades, London Rocket delivers music out there with a minimum quality, high in any case. One could claim that in its releases the range of sounds spreads in different directions, with rock being usually a common place. And it is exciting to be able to maintain in its ranks artists and ensembles that do not simply "grasp" the spirit of their time, but they stand out as speakers of positions and views with a characteristic feature, completely unique in certain circumstances. Like Gnod, which depict every inconsciousness and inhumanity, both in the musical and the lyrical part, from the titles of their compositions and their discs primarily. It is also the Goat that engulfs the western (acid and not) psychedelia with African rhythms and oriental melodies, Housewives with the experimental effervescent to bloom, Teeth Of The Sea with a seductive mindset on how one makes Fresh electronic structure with natural instruments and jazz / rock props, and go listening ... Panagiotis Stathopoulos

See the full list here via: MIC