25 Mar 2019

Fragmented Flaneur reviews Paisiel's S/T album

They say:

Wen I was reimagining my website and thinking how I could refresh things, this album by Paisiel was pretty much the sort of thing I had in mind. The fact that it is being released by one of my favourite labels, Rocket Recordings, is perhaps a coincidence… or maybe just an indication of the way musical development is going… or maybe its not so much about the music itself but the terminology we place around it. In the final analysis a label is in the eye of the beholder, and so what one person might think is ‘psych’ may we be a complete anathema to another.

This is one of the reasons why I have decided to move my writing from my ‘Psych Insight Music’ blog to this more genre-neutral one, because I really don’t want labels to limit what I write about… or what others expect me to write about. I am, therefore, no longer listening to this album by Portuguese duo João Pais Filipe and Julius Gabriel wondering whether I can locate it in a particular musical place, rather be more free about what I am hearing and what it says to me.

Originally a cassette release on the ever-interesting Lovers and Lollypops label, this is a brilliantly eclectic album which takes in many musical styles and mixes them in a way that is both thrilling and suspenseful. You are never really sure which way the music is going to go…

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