28 Feb 2019

Rocket Probes – February 2019 Playlist

Centrum – Stjärnor
(First track to be revealed from the debut album by Centrum – a new band by member of Hills...and yes, it is a bit good)

Paisiel – Paisiel
(Stonking album of kraut jazz minimalism...what more do you want?)

Gal Costa - Relance
(Killer Brazilian groove from 1973) 
Gal Costa

Petbrick – Petbrick
(More killer Brazilian grooves, but this time with added noise!)

Hey Colossus – Memory Gore
(Great new track by the mighty HC)
Hey Colossus

Vladimir Tarasov – Atto IV
(Free drumming, techno jazz from '89)
Vladimir Tarasov

NAR - Tyreen
(Fuzzed ambience)

The Seeds – 'Everything'
(We can't get enough of The Seeds at the moment...)
The Seeds

Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy - Al Weshaya
(KHOM played this great arabic-machine-soundtrack tune on Alex from GNOD's Golden Ratio Frequencies NTS show)
Carl Gari & Abdullah Miniawy

Daddy Maxfield - Rave 'n' rock
(Glam stomper, courtesy of Cherrystones)
Daddy Maxfield

Opuswerk - Narkomfin
(Berlin trance)

Bear Bones, Lay Low – El Telonero
(Rickard from Flowers Must Die blasted this out at Gum Takes Tooths album launch...)
Bear Bones, Lay Low

Golden Ivy – Söndagsmålare
(Stringed minimalism)
Golden Ivy

Horseface – Jääkautiset
(Strange concoction of repetitive sounds, analogue sonic groove and pop melodies...also includes Flowers Must Die and Coldnose remixes)

Moonshake – Flow
(A track that has never been too far away from the decks since it's release in 1993)

Gabriel Saloman - Gagaku
(Fripp Eno'esque Kosmiche doom...another discovery from Golden Ratio Frequencies NTS show)
Gabriel Saloman

Sperrmüll - No Freak Out 
(70s kraut rock)

Scream + Dance – In Rhythm
(Bristol tribal post-punk from '82)
Scream + Dance

Steeleye Span – Blackleg Miner
(When of the Hills members turned us on to this killer groove)
Steeleye Span

The Heliocentrics -The Uncertainty Principle
(Nicola from Lay Llamas turned us on to this psyched out groove)
The Heliocentrics

Lucifer - Mr Jack
(Fuzz bass driven psych)

Amon Dull II – Archangels Thunderbird
(More groove)
Amon Dull II

Dr Alimantado – I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali
(Killer fuzzwah dub from the legend!)
Dr Alimantado 

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