12 Feb 2019

Flowers Must Die release '1st Demo' on Ltd CDR

They say:

Our first recorded material, I think some of the tracks is from one of our first ever rehearsal under the name Flowers Must Die. This would be in the Summer and Autumn of 2006. Lo-fi Basement Blues with Noiserock weirdness, not essential FMD material to be honest, but I know some people want everything with an artist, and it is interesting to hear a band 
Two bonustracks, the first 'Battle' is from a session before being named and with other members. 'Finest' could actually be the live recording from our very first live show as FMD. At a pop-up gallery called Jr´s Finest in Linköping. Curated by Rickard Daun and Lars Hoffsten from FMD who also exhibited some art. 

Sleeve is from a 70´s fabric and all CDR is different. 

Buy.Listen from here: Flowers Must Die