20 Feb 2019

Wonderbox Metal reviews Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH

They say:

Teeth of the Sea area a UK experimental rock band and this it their fifth album.

This is my first exposure to Teeth of the Sea, but it’s a very positive one. This is a band that combine all manner of styles and ideas into their music, producing 49 minutes of material that covers experimental, psychedelic, industrial, electronic, progressive, avant-garde, and post-rock in its wide-ranging delivery.

Yes, this may be a whole swathe of different subgenres that I’ve just mentioned, but such a mouthful is the only way to even loosely do justice to the music that Teeth of the Sea create. The way that this all works together is nothing short of inspiring, as the band create atmospheric soundscapes that have a strong cinematic quality and feel to them. Various different instruments and noises can be heard across the nine tracks, allowing the band to craft a multifaceted and rich listening experience, one which draws the listener in and holds their attention throughout...

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