25 Feb 2019

GNOD live at The Peer Hat review by Blue Jam

They say:

...Tonight we have the heavier sound of GNOD, literally ear piercing. Throughout the entire set, I think they may have only played three songs. However, this is not a criticism. The band scream and shout; paving a way of true originality in a field of modern plagiarism. They are unlike anyone that will come before or after. The double drummer lineup proves to devastating attack on the senses, giving a visual stimulation that is retorted by the ears; two bass players, create nothing but a cacophony of inebriating noise, alongside a singer/guitarist that mutilates any definition of a stereotypical role. There comes a point where singing is no longer necessary (if it was in the first place), as the microphone is handed to the crowd, as we are told that our voices matter. We are the ones that should be heard. The noise heard is incessant rhythmic screaming and chanting, providing a therapeutic outlet for anyone who dares take the chance of being listened to. Brain the freakout dancer of yesteryears is in full swing, taking to the mic to express his wonderment of what he bares witness. A member of Errant Monks eventually takes it upon themselves to create a verbal soundscape that intertwines every outcast member of this freakish audience....

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