19 Feb 2019

M-Magazine interviews Teeth of the Sea

They say:

We’re never gonna persevere with something if we think it’s not up to scratch. A lot of ideas just get ditched because they don’t make your pulse race,’ say’s Teeth of the Sea’s Jimmy Martin.

Most commonly pegged as a psych rock outfit since forming in 2006 Jimmy, Sam Barton, Mike Bourne have in fact traversed a multitude of genres in pursuit of raised heart rates, be it through punishing beats or lugubrious brass.

The trio are now set to release their fifth record, Wraith, and as the title suggests their psychedelic influences remain at the core of what they do, even if the collection also marks yet another evolution in the band’s sound.

Working for the first time with a producer, Teeth of the Sea return with perhaps their most coherent and refined collection yet.

Ahead of the album’s release, we sat down with Jimmy to chat about the nebulous events that surrounded the recording of their latest record, the rewards of opening up their process to collaborators, and much more…

There’s been talk of supernatural happenings around your new record, can you tell us more?

I don’t really want to demystify it too much. Obviously, we’re not really sure exactly if it had an influence and what happened, but we were recording it in a strange location. We’ve always gone there, it’s on the Thames, East India Quay, it’s almost like being out of London but in London at the same time. So, you’re slightly disconnected from your everyday life, despite the fact that you’re still ostensibly in London...

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