4 Feb 2019

Bloop Mag reviews Gum Takes Tooth Live in Leicester

They say:

Headline duo Gum Takes Tooth are a strange proposition – an electronic group that essentially make rock music, at moments psychedelic and others with the pure power of the best post-hardcore.

Electronics conductor and “vocalist” Jussi Brightmore and drummer Tom Fug throughout play at odds with each other yet, somehow, create an engulfing, mesmerising wall of sound in which each part is intricately slotted in with the next.

An effortlessly brilliant drummer Fug’s beats touch in rock, funk and jazz as his playing underpins and deconstructs the electronica controlled by Brightmore which touches on techno, industrial and even shoegaze as it unfolds.

The repetition in the tunes builds and continues to the point of mesmerism and out the other end into a warm place of aural contentment. Gum Takes Tooth makes shamanic music for the collapsing modern world. It’s rave music for the end of the party...

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