18 Feb 2019

Il Muro interviews Mamuthones

They say:

Protagonists of the Rome Psych Fest at Monk and PDsychedelia at the Circolo Nadir of Padua at the end of the year, the Mamuthones borrowed from the disturbing ritual masks of their homeland, Sardinia, and carry it around the world, demonstrating to have in all respects the charisma and the talent to impose itself on the international music scene. Their latest album, Fear on the corner, is inspired by fear.

The fear of the present, of the human and political situation, but also of the most intimate and personal fear, such as that of loneliness, of the wrong relationships, of not finding a place in the world. And there is also the fear of fear itself. The Mamuthones review all their deepest concerns with great clarity, to the point that the album sounds almost prophetic. Listening to it a year after its release, we find ourselves with the band that many of the fears that are the guiding thread of this record have become reality, as it only happens in the worst dystopic dreams. A nightmare with open eyes told with great grace by their dark, hypnotic and rhythmic sounds, because even when everything around us and inside us seems to go into pieces, the show must go on.

After reading the interview with Alessio Gastaldello , run to buy the album and listen to the Mamuthones live on Friday 29 March 2019, at 10.15 pm at Camelot 3.0, via Santo Stefano 20, Prato (free admission).

Let's start from the title of the album, Fear on the corner, this theme of fear, which seems to be the leitmotif of a dark and extremely emotional album. Would you like to tell us what you are afraid of and how your fears have influenced the creation of this work?

It has a certain effect to answer this question today. It's been about a year since the album came out ... and the fears around which it was written became reality. The fears were those caused by a society in decline, ugly, incattivita, rancorosa, itself frightened and cheated by those who fear it foment for political return. But also the most intimate fears, for my experience, for my relationships. I was hoping this album would mark a catharsis, instead ...

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