28 Feb 2019

8/10 review of Gum Takes Tooth's Arrow by New Noise

They say:

After the slaps led by their previous albums (the seminal Silent Cenotaph then Mirrors Fold in 2015), the London duo Gum Takes Tooth continue their exploration of an electronic/noise polyrhythmic music by introducing an album with a little more restraint and atmospherics. Certainly, the articulation of the convulsive effects of the drums / machine-voice pair (Thomas Fuglesang and Jussi Brightmore) stays put, but the melancholic auras of pieces like Cold Chrome Hearts, Slowly Falling or Seizure, are their dark ambient home delineation, but with a new approach If the bubbling psychedelicism continues to lead the project (The Arrow), it may prove a little less destructive and mentally destabilising than before, even if pieces such as the acidic No Walls No Air or the more tribal Borrowed Lies still shake, like the short Dream Circe / Cloud Cycle, which starts in a minimal vibratory stripping before slipping into the nebulous noise, Gum Takes further explores his part of the unconscious here, a collective consciousness sometimes to the extent that Brightmore also sees project as an expression of typically London paranoia: a testimony on how the environment influences the group. 

Bringing on this album a more metaphorical musical expression, GTT delivers several tracks of musical curiosity, such as Fights Physiology a sort of crooked synthwave rhyme crossing Alan Vega with Adult and more or more A Still Earth, parts with accents of doom-noise still noise paradoxically luminous whose multiplied vocal harmonies rather close to those of Animal Collective come as to get tangled up in the tortuous threads of a Lust bites. 
A new way of digging the group's colorful fusion matrix while expanding it, as evidenced by the quasi-space rock accents of the final House Built of Fire ", with its crossed frames of shoegaze tremolos and vocal pop harmonizations. Surprising, as always. gumtakestooth.com LAURENT CATALA 8/10

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