13 Feb 2019

XSilence reviews Gum Takes Tooth's 'Arrow'

They say:

When you have before you all the prog of a festival, with these unknown names, these untouchable, these Cornelian choices, you can either listen to everything, make a precise program by anticipating, naive as you are, that you will stick to it. . Once the festoche past, you come across a record, without necessarily making the link right away, to finally realize that you missed a great thing. 

This is typically the kind of thing that could happen with Gum Takes Tooth. And yet, listening to new album, we can think that live it must be really something. These two Englishmen create a marasmus sound, in which are telescoping hallucinated drums, synthetic pulsations of another world, sounds from no one knows where but we can cleverly placed here and there for one purpose, to raise the tension, even the adrenaline as Bashung said..

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