20 Feb 2019

CLASH Stream Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH in Full

We are extremely delighted to share with you via the good people at CLASH the stream of Teeth of the Sea's new album WRAITH. Visit the CLASH website for the full album stream & hear what the band has to say as they breakdown each track.

This is what CLASH had to say:

Teeth Of The Sea know that genuine progression rarely goes in a straight line.

So their music doesn't exactly follow logical paths either; influenced by post-punk, dub, techno and more, new album 'Wraith' is a striking, crunching, titanic return.

Out on February 22nd, it finds the group expanding from their core disciplines, welcoming new collaborators in the process.

As a result Erol Alkan assists on 'I'd Rather, Jack' while the album also features Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga/Raime/Vanishing Twin) supplying Reichian percussion, alongside Chlöe Herington (ChromeHoof/Knifeworld/Valve) and Katharine Gifford (The Wargs/Snowpony/Stereolab).

Out in just a few days, Clash has obtained the full first play of 'Wraith', and it's a sterling aural achievement, a real feast of complex ideas iterated in true clarity.

Check it out now, then find a Track By Track guide penned by Teeth Of The Sea.......

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