12 Feb 2019

Terrascope reviews Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH

They say:

It’s hard to believe that Teeth Of The Sea have been going since 2006 and are therefore no longer quite the Young Turks championed by Terrascope pretty much from the offset, thanks to McMullen’s uncanny knack of spotting a good ‘un before it even turns up on NASA’s radar. Along the way they’ve grown up and we’ve grown old in tandem, our paths occasionally crossing, such as when, fully three years ago, they graced one of our events at The Lexington together with White Hills (yes, THAT poster) while guitarist Jimmy Martin did us the honour of DJ-ing Terrascope’s Flowers Must Die gig a couple of years back.

There again it’s not without mild trepidation that a new release from an old favourite finds its way into the reviews pile. When all’s said and done this is TOTS’ first release since 2015’s crushingly good Highly Deadly Black Tarantula, since when they’ve misplaced a band member (they are now a three-piece of Sam Barton, Mike Bourne and the aforementioned Martin).As hiatus’ go, that’s a pretty lengthy one, besides which, following up…Tarantula was always going to be a tall order. What if, after all the anticipation, this turns out to be a stinker?

‘I’d Rather Jack’, mercifully, is not a re-tread of the Reynolds Girls’ 80s manufactured rage against the pop machine but a high octane electro-metallic big dipper that owes as much to its production values as musicianship...

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