7 Feb 2019

Midlands Metalheads reviews Teeth of the Sea's WRAITH

They say:

Teeth Of The Sea are not a new name to me, having seen the band live a few times and possessing a partial discography. What I have always found appealing about the band is their willingness to clash electronica with traditional and not so traditional instrumentation. ‘Wraith’ is the band’s fifth album and continues their ethos of bending and melding genres and sounds. It sees a release later this month through Rocket Recordings.

I have enjoyed every release I have heard by TOTS, particularly the predecessor to this album ‘Highly Deadly Black Tarantula’ with its fat analogue sounding synths, hefty bass and generally dark miasma. ‘Wraith’ sounds different, not a departure as such, but the way they have presented themselves here has its own distinct feel, less hefty perhaps, but also more cinematic and vast in scope. Reading a little about the making of the album, the band allude to ‘disturbances’ and presences making themselves known during the recording process, hence the title ‘Wraith’, and at times the album does have a spectral and perhaps unearthly feel to it...

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