18 Jun 2020

Against the Silence reviews Kooba Tercu's Proto Tekno

They say:

It seems easy (and usually is) to write something simple about something complicated, as if we are intrigued by the effort to tame the savagery that surrounds a work of art, such as an album. On the contrary, we just get stuck and I have the impression that the musicians, on the other hand, feel the same way when they want to shape what they have in their head. Is this because, after all, the main thing in music is its original enjoyment?

Coming to the third album of the Athenian KT, which is being released on the English Rocket Recordings, what makes sense at once is that we have an enjoyable album. This is because Proto Tekno is a layered and full of hearing. The noise and fuss that occupies the players' plays presses on clear melodic bases, which ensure a satisfying flow from beginning to end. Personally, if I were to choose one side, of the many that are masterfully integrated into the album, it would be the one that gave birth to its simplest compositions, such as the opening song. I think this side dominates in the end and this is what marks their significant progress as a band!

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