26 Jun 2020

Perteet Fracas reviews Sex Swing's Type II

They say:

Second number of acrobatics with the swing of pleasure to explode in large widths. Four years after a first album which had caused vigorous and brilliant sparks, the English sextet puts back the cover with Type II . Tim Cedar who wanted to focus on Part Chimp has given way to keyboards for Oliver Knowles and the lightning strikes down mercilessly. It even takes on a higher dimension. This is what we should call putting in a double bite or giving oneself the means of one's own vertigo.

The sound has increased (Martin Ruffin on recording and this devil of Wayne Adams on mixing). Proliferation of galvanizing and disturbing tones while taking care of the finishes, abrasive framework on which to ignite, densification of the subject, these six guys are reassembled, harden the tone, charge it with dark contours and want your little ass. Rhythmic hypnotic and obstinate, electronic which swarms, synths which squeak in concert with the baritone guitar of Jodie Cox and the baritone saxo also of Colin Webster in electron free and disruptive to push his playmates in their last entrenchments....

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