30 Jun 2020

Rocket Probes – June 2020 Playlist

Autotelia – Floating Islands of the Gods
(Mighty second track to be revealed of kosmische machine wonderfulness)

Deafkids & Petbrick – Força Bruta
(An incredible collaboration of psych-noise by these two amazing band)

Anthroprophh – Too Old
(Great psyched chugging from Anthroprophh...our 200th release!)

Moon Yammy – Исчезаю (Gnoomes Remix)
(Stunning exploration in repetition by Gnoomes)

Fulu Miziki - Kinshasa's music warriors
(Love this!)
Fulu Miziki

GNOD x BNSU – Stubnitz
(Bring the noise)

Mummise Guns – Flattened Earth
(Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs Riffs)
Mummise Guns 

Johnny Clarke and Jah Shaka – Darren Price Revisits The Echo Chamber Dubplate
(We've got an echo chamber and we're gonna use it)
Johnny Clarke and Jah Shaka

Jon Hassell – Fearless
(New Jon Hassell!) 
Jon Hassell

Anguish – Anguish
(Psych-jazz-hip hop sounds)

Roberto Musci - Tower Of Silence
(World ambience)
Roberto Musci

Entombed - Left Hand Path
(Essential death)

Handle - What it does
(Imagine if Housewives and Crack Cloud got stuck in a lift together?)

James Holden, Marcus Hamblett and Mark Holub – BBC Sessions (Live at Maida Vale)
(ProgJazz soundscapes)
James Holden, Marcus Hamblett and Mark Holub

Fra Lippo Lippi - Lost
(Great repetitive post punk...thanks to Optimo)
Fra Lippo Lippi

Alrune Rod – Alrune Rod
(Nice Danish album from 69 – recommended by Centrum)
Alrune Rod

Mkwaju Ensemble - Ki-Motion
(This album is a bit special....another great Mkwaju immersion)
Mkwaju Ensemble

Andy Stott - Versi
(The sound of machines)
Andy Scott

Bob Goodsite - Faze 1 
(Wah rock from '72)
Bob Goodsite

Karl Denver – Zimba
(A Lay Llamas endorsed tune)
Karl Denver

Embryo - A place to go
(Can'esque grooves)

Nigel Rolfe - The Ostrich
(Repetitive folk ambience)
Nigel Rolfe

Bennie Maupin - Esenada
(Cosmic rhythms)
Bennie Maupin

Tara Clerkin Trio – Gold Bar
(Nicely stoned beats and pieces)
Tara Clerkin Trio

UKAEA – Where the tide broke
(The sound of organic machines coming alive then destroying each other...on the awesome Bunkland label)

Biglietto Per L'Inferno – Confessione
(Italian prog...great riff, bit of an early Maiden vibe too)
Biglietto Per L'Inferno

Skatt Bros – Walk The Night 
(Another Teeth of the Sea endorsed disco banger)
Skatt Bros

Mariah – Sokokara
(Krauty pop from 80s Japan...whole album is well worth checking out)

IDLES – Grounds
(Featuring the skronk of Sex Swing's Colin Webster)

Vanrock – Revelation Six
(Tribal acidy groove)

Phil Struck – Sommertage
(Strummed ambience)
Phil Struck

Dope - Feat Julian Cope tape / 12" Maxi Single
(A couple of releases for the 'heads' out there)
Feat Julian Cope
12" maxi Single

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