1 Jul 2020

New signing J. Zunz reveals first track from forthcoming album 'Hibiscus'

We are extremely excited to introduce the album 'Hibiscus' by J. Zunz – the solo project from Lorena Quintanilla. 

Lorena better known up until this point as one half of Mexican duo ‘Lorelle Meets The Obsolete’ – and you can watch the 'lockdown' video for 'Y', the first track to be revealed from 'Hibiscus' via Sons of Marketing here:

Watch video

'Hibiscus' is available to preorder on ltd edition 'Exotic Swirl' vinyl via the Rocket shop link below from 9am on Friday (3rd July) – to coincide with the Bandcamp 'No Fee' day.

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The album is also available on ltd edition cassette via the great label Commando Vanessa: Buy cassette


The strikingly confident and singular ‘Hibiscus’ marks a move on sonically from earlier comfort zones in Lorena's work, into minimal electronics, hypnotic repetition and compelling trance states, arriving at a soundworld in which cyclical synth patterns, eerie ambient textures and cathartic vocal exhortations coalesce into a beguiling atmosphere of otherworldly intensity. Although some might hear echoes amongst these songs of the like of Angelo Badalementi’s ghostly raptures, the bleak epiphanies of Nico’s ‘Marble Index’ or Fifty Foot Hose’s spare sci-fi psychedelia, both the approach and the resulting tapestry here are Lorena’s and hers alone. 

Yet ‘Hibscus’ more than anything else is a process of alchemy - turning a less-is-more approach into a formidable psychic assault, and undergoing an artistic transmutation that renders compelling and uplifting work from trying times.