6 Jul 2020

Reverb is for Lovers say some words about Sex Swing's 'Passovers'

They say:

In May Sex Swing released their big, bad album " Type II ". Now the plate is worked up again.

As " Passovers " (Rocket Recordings) the songs are processed in the original order by friends.

The IDLES stretch "The Passover" somewhat, equalize, make it friendlier and with a driving beat. A certain hardness remains. Anji Cheung puts "Skimmington Ride" on a disturbing sound surface and creates the song as a psalm.

Jane Weaver sends "Valentine's Day At The Gym" as a chic electro track on the dance floor. Then Johnny Broke hacks up “Betting Shop”.

METZ unleash a feedback orgy on "Need Battery". “La Riconada” in The Keep Remix is ​​more of a rumbling electro.

Finally, we return to the chorale with “Garden Of Eden / 2000 AD” and Brian Case. But it is rotated neatly by the effects machine.

Read the rest here: Reverb is for Lovers