20 Jul 2020

Echoes and Dust reviews Sex Swing's Passovers

They say:

Release wise it’s been a packed and busy season for what we might loosely call the UK noise rock underground. An absolute bumper crop of albums tumbling out into the weird lockdown limbo. For fans it’s given us plenty to blast in our ears while we’re kicking our heels and biting our nails but it’s a gear grinding migraine for bands who are often at their best in the live environment and hoping to promote a new album. One of the best of the bunch is Sex Swing‘s Type II which came out in May, four years since their debut. Taking this inconvenience in their stride as they prepared for its release the gentlemen of Sex Swing decided to help some of their friends pass quiet hours at home and set them the task of remixing their new album.

Passovers features a remix for each track on Type II in a complementary raft of styles. As these things tend to go, it’s a bit of a mixed bag, exploding their densely layered sound and picking at the elements. It pulls apart the sustained mood of the original album but doesn’t replace it with a new one. This is not Sex Swing in Dub (which has potential I think) or Type II the extended dance mixes (which most likely does not). In fact curiously most of the new mixes are actually shorter, as if the ways in which Sex Swing themselves distend and distort their music are not available to their remixers...

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