21 Jul 2020

Overblown reviews J. Zunz's ‘Four Women And Darkness’ single

They Say:

J. Zunz, the solo invention of Lorena Quintanilla best known as one half of Mexican duo Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, has shared a video for her eerie and unnerving new track ‘Four Women And Darkness’. Taken from her upcoming album of minimal synth Hibiscus, the track is both hypnotic and beautiful.

About the video Lorena Quintanilla comments, “‘Four Women And Darkness’ is a story from my grandmother’s childhood. She told me that once during wartime in México in the late 1920’s, she and her sisters were hidden by her grandmother in a little, cold secret room. She hid them there because the militia wanted to search the house. Soldiers used to look for women or girls to rape them or to kidnap them. My grandmother and her sisters stayed there in the dark room for hours until the soldiers left.”...

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