24 Jul 2020

Autotelia album 'I' out today

"Parallels the blissful drift of Cluster’s ‘II’, the overheated ampstacks of prime Spacemen 3 or the becalmed modernism of Eno."

"Imagine if Seefeel came from 70s Berlin!"

Autotelia – the project conceived by The Oscillation’s Demian Castellanos and Tomaga’s Tom Relleen debut album 'I' is released today.

I’ is available on Black/White 'Electric Storm' vinyl via the Rocket shop link below and there is also a 'Wired Green' vinyl version that can be bought from your local record shop:

Rocket Bandcamp

Watch video for latest single 'Red Bloom' here:

Watch video

'Autotelia' started purely as an exploratory audial voyage with no expectations, no boundaries and no context. Autotelia’s sound - as chronicled on ‘I’, evolved purely of its own volition, as its makers were happy to allow their own chemistry and interplay to take its course. This zen-like simplicity of approach has been more than rewarded, as the impulses and intentions blossomed into meditative extrapolations both sonically rich and spiritually captivating (bewitching).