3 Jul 2020

GNOD & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Fogo released today

Today sees the release of a collaboration LP between two master repetition explorers GNOD & João Pais Filipe. 'Faca De Fogo' is a 4 track album that captures these two masters at the top of their game. 

Listen in full here:


Forged in a spirit of spontaneity and intuition, ‘Faca De Fogo’ wastes precisely zero time in manifesting this incendiary chemistry between these two explorers of mantras and repetitive revelation. Themed around the elements in thematic unity with the alchemical nature of João’s practice, it runs a gamut of improvisatory exploration from the eerie atmospherics that introduce ‘Faca De Terra’ via the polyrhythmic kraut-damaged mania of ‘Face De Ar’ to the shamanic and bleak Swans-esque clangour of the title track.

We hope they are able to take these tracks our for a tour in the near future!