27 Jul 2020

Il Cibicida reviews Autotelia

They say:

Autotelia is a brand new project of one of the main animators of the neo-psychedelic scene of the last ten years, that is Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation, above all) and Tom Relleen, also The Oscillation and half of the duo Tomaga with Valentina Magaletti. The project takes its name from "autotelia", a term coined by the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (born in 1934) in the context of the so-called "flow theory": in short, those who are autotelic have in themselves the ultimate or contingent purpose of their being and become. 

Far from the pretense of knowing and knowing everything, here - it must be said - we refer in this case to what is meant to be the search for "happiness", understood as the search for one's own identity in a process that you want to be free from any form of conditioning external. Castellanos himself, moreover, justifies the founding act of a new musical project precisely with the desire to feel free also from his own past and current experiences in the field of music, to devote himself to this new project in an evasive way.

I  is therefore an expression of a centrifugal force which, with a meditative and almost confessional approach, reaches deep space. The recordings have been held over the past two years, but a large part of the work is the result of improvised sessions, there are no particular cerebral processes and all of us listeners welcome him with open arms, as he deserves...

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