21 Jul 2020

"A Supersonic Rocket Ship" – Listen to Chris Reeder 's curated playlist for Supersonic

Chris was asked by Supersonic to create a Spotify Playlist for them containing 20 Rocket and non Rocket tracks.

Listen here: Playlist

And this is what Chris said about each track:

Compiled by Chris Reeder

Intro (Kinks – Supersonic Rocket Ship)
Sorry, I couldn't resist...

01 Anthroprophh  – Too Old
Our 200th release, apt that it features two musicians who appeared on our first ever release, Paul Allen from The Heads and Gareth Turner from Lillydamwhite (also from Kuro).

02 Landtrance – A Raft
Great track rom one of our favourite albums of the year so far, if you have not heard it then you must!

03 Teitanblood – Ungodly Others
Really love this band, ferocious death metal from Spain.

04 Zen Mother – Beginning
Machine repetitions from Brooklyn that reminds of a slightly more industrial Fabulous Diamonds – another band we love.

05 Kooba Tercu – Cemento Mori
Our first Greek signing on Rocket, and wow, what a way to start! Like many Rocket bands they completely carve out  their own sound – supposed to be stunning live, let's hope they will be at a Supersonic in the near future?

06 Jon Hassell – Blue Nile
Recently reissued on vinyl finally, if you don't have it, get it!

07 J. Zunz  – Y
New signing to Rocket, the solo project of Lore Lorelle Meets The Obsolete from Mexico. We are really gutted that J. Zunz was unable to play Supersonic this year, we cannot wait to get her over to the UK and immerse into her haunting sounds.

08 Nihiloxia – Endongo
Iggor from Petbrick turned us onto the music from fantastic Ugandan label Nyege Nyege, and Nihiloxia became an early favourite from their roster – great band, and a must see live.  

09 Deafkids & Petbrick – Força Bruta
Talking of Iggor...two incredible forces of nature combine to form the unstoppable Deafbrick, so proud to have this on Rocket.

10 Idassane Wallet Mohamed – Aylana
TBH, don't know too much about this, bar it is great!! Desert grooves form Mail.

11 Normil Hawaiians – British Warm
Love this track, goes many places, from Fourth World ambience, to post punk pop to psyched fuzz repetitions. The whole album 'More Wealth Than Money' is well worth checking out.

12 Golden Oriole – The Waxing Slain
Don't know that much about this duo bar they are from Norway and they blew me away at last years Supernormal Festival...another festival we are truly gutted to be without this year.

13 US Music – Rat Kiss the Cat on The Navel
A track that never leaves the DJ bag – a certified fuzz banger from Funkadelic, their best track? We think so!

14 Sex Swing – Garden of Eden / 2000 AD
Another band we are sad to not be playing Supersonic this year – this track from new album Type II is something to behold live!

15 Och – Nu:64
We have been mining the Swedish music scene for years with GOAT, Hills, Flowers Must DIe etc, well Och are the next jaw dropping band, there is definitely something in the water overt there.

16 Kriegshög – Tokyo
Love this absolute filth from Japan.

17 Ngozi Family – Kumanda Kwas Bambo Wanda
Anyone who knows Rocket, knows we are uber fans of the glorious 'Fuzz Wah' sound – and Ngozi Family albums all come filled with it in abundance.

18 Muslimgauze – I shall sing until my land is free
Muslimgauze has such a rich catalogue of music and this track in particularly is a real fave.

19 Buffalo – Freedom
A 70s rock classic..say no more!

20 Autotelia – First Flight
We fell in love with this as soon as we got sent it and we knew had to release it– sounds like a Warp album that came out from 1970's Berlin.

21 Centrum – Som En Spegal
Another Swedish band from the Rocket family – organic repetitions for the soul, perfection!

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