24 Jul 2020

NEOLYD reviews Autotelia's album 'I'

They say:

No guidelines or expectations. Seldom has the name of a band project so perfectly anticipated the inherent way of working. In principle, car hotel means to let something arise only for the sake of its own end. The happiness researcher Mihály Csíkszentmihályi describes this process, among other things, as a state of complete immersion, as a frenzy of activity, similar to the Stream Of Consciousness . And this is exactly how Ambient is created, which has always been the genre of music, which practically requires total free spirit in the artist, as well as the recipient, who differs fundamentally from monotonous lounge and so-called relaxation music.

During Autotelias"I" nobody relaxes; should not, never. Demian Castellano (The Oscillation) and Tom Relleen (Tomaga) give the five songs a little more than 55 minutes to put the listener in a constant state of tension and repeat individual tone sequences almost excessively. The almost seven-minute “Floating Island Of The Gods” consists (practically exclusively) of a rather defeatist mantra that annoys and stimulates at the same time. The following "Storm At Tucanae" takes nine minutes on spherical drones, such as the Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation has been launching since 2007, or even drilling & the Club of Gore. "First Flight" in the first place on the tracklist, due to its intricate but still existing rhythm, tends to suggest an electro album by the brand "RIP...

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