6 Jul 2020

Terrascope reviews Autotelia

They say:

At some point listening to this, I managed to relocate my third eye. I can’t remember where I’d mislaid it or when I last saw it, I only know that I was beginning to miss it more and more especially as we take the first tentative steps out of the great quarantine of 2020.

Still, I don’t suppose any of that matters to Demian Castellanos and Tom Relleen who comprise Autotelia (which the helpful one sheet explains is something to do with the pursuit of purpose or curiosity – no, me neither) or for that matter those “terrible twins” Chris and Johnny Rocket for whom this welcome release is number 193. Castellanos and Relleen also collaborate as part of The Oscillation, while Tom forms one half of the artily experimental Tomaga, which is what this latest venture most closely resembles in its form and conceptual approach. It’s a project that has been nudging along for a while now - there’s a live clip from 2018 on You Tube for instance - and mines the more interesting, darker seams of experimental kosmische (don’t you just hate the term Krautrock?).

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