13 Jul 2020

Echoes and Dust interview GNOD & João Pais Filipe

They say:

Ahead of the release of Faca De Fogo, the new collaboration from Gnod & João Pais Filipe, in the process of reviewing the album for Echoes And Dust, I’ve mulled over some queries for the artists involved to share with you all as the album is prepared for its various methods of release. Gnod co-founder Chris Haslam (CH) and João Pais Filipe (JPP) were the interviewees for this extraction.

(((o))): The most obvious question to ask is how did this collaboration come about? Was it a remote recording process or were you physically together in the studio? I’m also interested to know about the writing process, whether this was a case of sending each other layers or working to written parts or if it pure improvisation. The sound of the album and my experience of having been lucky enough to play a set with Gnod R&D, makes me wonder if this was a kind of directed approach of peaks and troughs with forecasted moments but, how cohesive it sounds overall, really makes me wonder.

CH: We met Joao through our Porto friends at Lovers & Lollypops who also run Milhoes De Festa. He plays a style we’ve always admired so it made sense to collaborate on a recording. Lovers & Lollypops set up a week in Porto for us to jam, record and play a show and the formation of the tracks on the album all came about during that week...

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