4 Oct 2021

Sleeping Shamen review's Smote's Drommon LP

They say:

Coming to us on Rocket Recordings with a certain amount of mystery, this is a re-release of the original Parts 1 and 2 of Drommon, bookending two newer and shorter pieces of similarly murky and crepuscular droning psych. Driven by an insatiable need to know, and empowered by the endless memory-palace of the internet, I had a rummage about for a meaning in the song titles, and while it appears the two central tracks are items of medieval armour, the eponymous bookstops are not quite a kind of medieval ship. Make of that what you will, all is equally valued, and significance/insignificance is probably not a useful category.

Smote sets the scene with some field-recording type birdsong and drone, several minutes pass in this pleasant glade. We’re not permitted to rest here indefinitely however, with a percussion building force that almost becomes an air of menace. Rich, jangling layers build on the rhythmic core of this percussion and bass. Repetition offers a steady onward drift and unfolding, the prospect of a sudden break into coruscating riffing in the vein of defunct Boston pummelers 5ive CRP remains a tease, as Smote delivers head-down psych conjuring, where the spiral turns ever inward, even as the noise reaches outward...

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