26 Oct 2021

Noel Gardener reviews Smote's 'Drommon' album for The Quietus

It reads:

Drone-rock that seems to favour the rock over the drone while utilising both keenly, Smote’s second long player of 2021 puts a sound I’ve not heard many great recent examples of back into my ears. Drommon (Rocket) is actually a half-hour tape (on the Base Materialism label, whose steez is normally way noisier than this) pressed to vinyl with ten more minutes of wiggin’ from Daniel Foggin – another Toon resident who, on record at least, does everything Smote.

‘Drommon’ parts one and two, which comprised the tape, lean respectively towards White Hills-ish rifferama and incense-choked doom raga. The jazzish wailings of the second segment elevate it beyond Krauthippy kitsch, if not quite eliminating its presence entirely. ‘Hauberk’, one of the two shorter pieces in the middle, goes for broke with hand drums and flute which eventually coalesce into extremely buoyant psych-folk; ‘Poleyn’, the other, straps up a slow, insistent bass riff and groovy basement-prog organ. 

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