13 Oct 2021

NEOLYD reviews Smote's 'Drommon'

It reads:

For Smote from Newcastle, “Drommon” is the first release on Rocket Recordings. Here they extend their enigmatic and feverish journey into unfathomable depths, which began with their limited work "Bodkin". “Drommon” is surrounded by a psych and doom-laden atmosphere with a mid-eastern touch that you can get lost in if you submit to it - because that's the only way to rediscover yourself.

Summoned from the lightless corners of the subconscious, the four songs of this work wind their way out of a nebulous and dark rambling with a playing time of around 40 minutes in order to embark on a mystical journey. Ceremonial, repetitive and trance-inducing sounds of dreary origin, wrapped in a cloak of dim dignity; this is how Smote take up their office and deliver messages of exile, loneliness and enlightenment set to music. "Drommon" is the trip over the Styx, the oppressive séance in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and a brief look through the third eye.

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