11 Jul 2024

Teeth Of The Sea release new EP that features exclusive remixes by Goat, J. Zunz and Jamie Paton

Teeth of The Sea return with 'Get With The Program' - a five track EP that leads with the title track from the band's latest album 'Hive' and is backed with four incredible remixes of 'Hive' tracks by Goatfool (from Goat), J. Zunz and longtime Rocket collaborator Jamie Paton. 

Watch the tremendous Mike Bourne video for 'Get With The Program' above. 


'Get With The Program' EP is released on 12 July and you can buy a ltd edition cassette, or download the EP from Bandcamp here:



Experience the might of Teeth Of The Sea live:

17 August / Compton Martin / ArcTanGent Festival
23–25 August / Muncaster Castle / Krankenhaus Festival


Their coordinates as always set somewhere beyond the stars, Teeth Of The Sea are charging up their rocket engines for adventures anew. Hive, their sixth album, which saw them expanding and morphing their trademark psychotropic approach into still uncharted territories of cosmic melancholia and addictive melody, saw them gain plaudits aplenty from far afield, not least taking third place in The Quietus’ 2023 Albums Of The Year. 

Now, to round off this chapter in their storied history in style, they’re not only travelling to Manchester to embark on a live 6 Music session at the behest of Mark Riley and Gideon Coe but also releasing Get With The Program - that album’s noise-fuelled, speaker-shaking electro-industrial banger - as a Bandcamp-only limited cassette and digital single backed by remixes from a choice selection of friends that warp Hive’s trajectories into audial dimensions anew. 

Here Jamie Paton takes the avant-epic Megafragma and infuses it gleefully across two disparate versions with cosmic-disco effervescence and acid-fried exuberance. J. Zunz delivers a poignant and motorik-driven take on Æther that marries dubbed-out abstraction to post-punk pathos. Goat, meanwhile manoeuvre Liminal Kin into an insistent and percussion-driven rite of tension and release. 

With their new sehr kosmisch and wildly hedonistic live show debuted triumphantly at Acid Horse Festival in Wiltshire recently, and further festivals incoming at Krankenhaus and ArcTanGent, this ever-morphing entity is heading who knows where, and the more intrepid psychic travellers amongst us would be well advised to get on board.