1 Nov 2010

Julian Cope reviews Your Mercury

Taken from this months address drudion, which you can read in full here

Finally, congratulations must go out to London’s Teeth of the Sea for the release of their superb and extravagantly cosmic album YOUR MERCURY. Released on Bristol’s Rocket Records (www.rocketrecordings.com), this vast ten-track work transcends all of its disparate influences – Krautrock, Kosmische music, Spaghetti Western soundtracks, pompous Euro prog – serving us up a grand hybrid of such sparkling and shimmering brand newness that listeners’ minds inevitably sag under the emotional deluge. Epiphany after epiphany, brothers’n’sisters, that’s the shameless method this band deploys in order to enslave our minds. I know I’ve said it before, but Teeth of the Sea operate entirely within their own mythological mind map, existing within their own specific & singular Weltanshauung. And it’s a world-view that actually leaves you drained & exhausted by the psychic bruising yet still NEEDING more by disc’s end. Better still, these hardworking gennelmen just keep them releases a-coming! And so, to Teeth of the Sea, I (re-)raise my cup and declare: Brah-fucking-Vo!
Julian Cope