13 Feb 2020

Chaos Theory interviews Teeth of The Sea

Ahead of their forthcoming 10th anniversary all-dayer, London promoters  Chaos Theory asked headliners Teeth of the Sea some questions:

Teeth Of The Sea: Three musicians from London, all covering a lot of insanely good instruments. Listening through their discography you’ll find darkwave and synths merging with siren-like melodies, colourful psychedelia playfully circling around Latino riffs. Behind this avant-garde infusion lie Sam Barton (trumpet, bass guitar), Mike Bourne (programming, electronics, percussion) and Jimmy Martin (guitar, synths and tapes).

Mixing multiple genres may not be something new – after all, one of Chaos Theory’s aims is to promote musicians who push the traditional boundaries of musical styles and expectations. Yet Teeth of the Sea have managed to orchestrate this into their unique signature style which promises an otherworldly experience, personal to them. 

While less gritty than Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (2015), their most recent album Wraith (2019) is a sublime fusion of futuristic alternative music and a classic sultriness: a femme fatale for your ears. In fact, this entire album is a visionary aural cinematic journey. There are echoes of the dystopian Blade Runner: futuristic curiosities mixed with moments of brooding trumpet, which clash head on with rocky guitars and ambient electro synths of sci-fi and 80’s movies. Wraith is an ever-changing voyage which takes you out of your body and into as many adventures as you can devise...

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