28 Feb 2020

Bonnacons of Doom self-release 'Compiled (2014-2017)'

Bonnacons of Doom have just digitally released a new album called 'Compiled (2014-2017)'

It is an album that collects five instrumental rarities – previously featured on different compilations. Some tracks are being made available digitally for the first time.

Buy it here: Bandcamp

The band said:

"All proceeds raised from the sale of this digital of this will go towards the recording of our forthcoming new album."

The tracklist reads:

1. Exteriority.
Originally released on the "Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia: PZYK Vol. 1 compilation", 2015.

2. Napoli.
Released as part of the compilation: "To Chechnya With Love: Vol 2", 2017.

3. Vidnyaapanam (Parts 1-4).
Appeared on a 12" compilation by Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, 2014.

4. Sgrios.
As featured on the "PZYK 4.1" 12" EP, 2017.

5. Bodhisattva Skanda.
Previously released on the compilation "MITRA Music For Nepal", 2015.