11 Sept 2020

Fragmented Flaneur say their appreciation of Paisiel's Unconcsious Death Wishes album

They say:

When I wrote about Paisiel’s previous, self-titled, album (here) I was particularly struck by its easy eclecticism. I enjoyed how the Portuguese-based duo (João Pais Filipe & Julius Gabriel) moved seamlessly between musical styles in a way that was just so deep and fulfilling. Indeed, I thought so much of that album that it made it onto my ‘Essential’ list for last year.

Since that release Filipe has put out an excellent record with Manchester experimentalists GNOD (Rocket Recordings, here); and Gabriel a superb, more jazz-oriented, album on Creative Sources Recordings (here). But it’s when they come together that I find them to be at their most captivating.

The two apparently met back in 2014, following a chance encounter in a record shop where they found that they shared musical ideas, and while drums (Filipe) and Saxophone (Gabriel) are perhaps not the most natural of starting points for experimental music… they have certainly managed to produce something again here that fells very accomplished and organic.

This is essentially one long improvised track, and I’m commenting here on the uninterrupted digital version rather than the slightly edited one that will appear on the vinyl release. It begins with a long drone and seagulls, adds a rather marvellous and soporific organ after around four minutes before going stepping up into some crazy fragmented fiesta a few minutes later. Once again I am struck by the eclecticism on display… and how it works so well together...

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